Monday, January 17, 2011

Cervix Is High And White Creamy Discharge


" still continue to sing all his songs. There it is. The legacy of a composer's what happens next. And when you are alive, who also enjoyed it. It was important, very important "
(Juan Carlos Calderón )

Yesterday was a sad day for the world of music. At 76 years of age left us Algueró Augusto, one of the most distinguished composers.

Born February 23, 1934 in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bAugusto Algueró Dasca combined his medical studies with music at the Conservatory of his hometown, starting his musical career, with only 16 years at the beginning of the decade of the 50's.

As composer and represented Spain in the OTI and Eurovision and was the author of "Being with ", the first song that represented our country in the last festival . Then played Conchita Bautista , this topic got very popular after the voice of Marisol.

an important part of movie soundtracks such as "Marisol en route to Rio", "Girls of the Red Cross," "Stories of Television", "Caper", "Day love "," A ray of light, "" The Nightingale of the mountains "," Love Below "," Three Red Cross, "" Song of Youth "," Now an angel " "It's always Sunday" ...

composed memorable themes for the five Latinos, Concha Velasco, Marisol, Nino Bravo, Rocío Dúrcal, Joan Manuel Serrat, Elsa Baeza, Rocío Jurado ...

The Festival of Rio de Janeiro received the award for best composition "Penelope " theme played in this event by Joan Manuel Serrat. obtained Golden Rose Festival in Montreux and the Golden Nymph Festival in Monte Carlo television productions "Stories of frivolity "and" Unreal Madrid, respectively. And in 2005 he was awarded the Honor Award for " his brilliant career and his decisive contribution to popular music ."

composer, arranger and conductor, has about 200 soundtracks for film and TV and has worked in some 50 plays, which include the popular " Mom, I want to be an artist . "

And in our musical history, more than 500 songs by this great composer. " Chica ye-ye ", "Tombola", " Noel," "Penelope," "I'm satisfied," "Prettier any " " Being with you "," Girls Red Cross "," The day of love "," My little star "" Inseparable "...

A legacy really unique. Thank you for your music, maestro.

" He pioneered the English pop, master of all generations. He had an extraordinary academic training made him realize projects both film and in magazines and that has since spawned a plethora of great arrangers in the world of pop. Of it could be say it was the teacher who opened the first row in this field. He was also a great person "
( Antón García Abril )


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